Bamboo didgeridoo

A natural, artisanal and affordable didgeridoo !

« David’s Bamboo’s didgeridoos are the perfect beginner’s instruments. They are easy to play with, and offer an excellent sound at a low price! I shall highly recommend them to all novice players who want to have fun while progressing! »

Gauthier Aubé

« If you want to give yourself over to the joys of vibrations without spending a fortune, David’s bamboo’s didgeridoos are excellent for each beginner : you’ll enjoy their sweet and warm sound, playing comfort together with their ensured solidity! »

Zalem Delarbre

Clear and resonant sound

For it to resonate well, the inside of the didgeridoo must be smooth and clear. During the manufacturing process, I take particular care to clean the inside of each bamboo. From your first attempts, you will feel the whole bamboo vibrate under your hands. A round sound rich in harmonics (high pitched sounds) will resonate quickly. And you will be surprised to find that a bamboo can surpass the acoustic quality of an industrial wooden didgeridoo (Teak and Eucalyptus dug by the screw) !

Didgeridoo easy to play

Not all didgeridoos are easy to play. For example, some instruments will be more difficult to start than others. Or it will be easier to vary the sounds in a didgeridoo than in a neighbour’s didgeridoo. Each of my didgeridoos are made to guarantee maximum playability. They are thus perfectly adapted to intermediate players as to the complete neophyte.

Bamboos for all tastes

Each didgeridoo is unique and that’s what’s magical about this instrument! However, to help you better choose your didgeridoo, I have classified my bamboos into 3 distinct ranges: “Standard”, “Resonance” and “Power”.

Essential Range – Easy to play

These bamboos are the most affordable. Their diameter is about 40mm (this can vary according to the rods, nature does not know standardization!). They are easy to play, their sound is rich in harmonics and well balanced.

Resonance Range - Easy to play and round sound

These bamboos have the same qualities as the previous range: a rich and balanced sound with great ease of play. However, the big difference lies in their diameter. These bamboos are wider (minimum 50 mm) and resonate much more. The didgeridoos of this range are therefore guaranteed with a round, warm sound while preserving their playability.

Power Range - Easy to play, round sound and power

These didgeridoos are generally the same diameter as the “Resonance” range and therefore with identical qualities. Add to that, two criteria that make them apart: The walls of the bamboo are thicker, offering a richer and rounder sound than the two previous ranges. A wooden pavilion is added at the bottom of the didgeridoo. True sound box, the sound power is increased tenfold without losing the roundness and natural balance of your sound.

A mouthpiece adapted to your mouth

A didgeridoo is not just a tube. It is also a mouthpiece (the place where you put your lips). This part is essential for your comfort but also for your game. Each of my bamboos has a neat and comfortable mouthpiece (de 30 mm diameter). For the”Essential” range, the mouthpiece is shaped directly into the bamboo knot. For the”Resonance” and”Power” ranges, a wooden mouthpiece is added. This one is manufactured with the wood lathe to ensure you an ideal comfort. I don’t make wax mouthpieces because wax deforms too easily.

Guarantee no crack

Most industrial bamboos crack after a few weeks of play. Imagine. You play and you hear a “crack”. Then you see, amazed, that your new didgeridoo has just cracked! It is unplayable and you are forced to buy another one or stop playing…
The manufacturing technique I use ensures you never have this kind of misadventure. I burn the bamboo with a blowtorch (hence the black colour) to achieve perfect drying. By buying one of my bamboo instruments, you are guaranteed never to have cracks.

Caution, to guarantee a long life to your didgeridoo, I strongly advise you to keep them away from a heat source: radiator, bay window and especially not in a car in full sun !