Bamboo didgeridoo

For it to resonate well, the inside of the didgeridoo must be smooth and clear. During the manufacturing process, I take particular care to clean the inside of each bamboo…

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Wooden Didgeridoo

Crafted in Bretain (France) with some local wood.

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Kromm Boud

KROMM BOUD is a high-end didgeridoo designed for playing on stage or busking.The shape makes it easy to carry, gives the musician a great mobility and a beautiful scenic aesthetic.

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Korn bass

The KORN BASS (a chromatic sliding-didgeridoo) opens new musical perspectives at the crossroads of didgeridoo and slide trombone.

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Welcome to the site of David Defois – Didgeridoo, Kromm Boud and Korn Bass crafter.

Discover my creations over the pages and may the sound of the wood carry you away !